As everyone knows, facebook and twitter are the new ‘it’ in social media and social media is the new ‘must’ in marketing. Facebook and twitter users have given rise since both networking sites just started and now both are massive sites with millions of users worldwide. With the rise of social media and the increasing use and dependence of the internet and decreasing print publication sales, more marketers are starting to turn to social media to market products and spread their brand. Including fashion brands.

Here is what social media sites like facebook and twitter has to offer for fashion brands:
-Updates fans, fashion worshippers and the media of course on the insides of the company. ie. the release of a new collection.
-Brand control in a way that updaters could present and control the brand they want others to see it. Before social media, fashion brands are usually left for print publications like magazines, newspapers and the tv for brand control. This will be extremely useful when the brand gets negative press.
-Communication. The word speaks for itself.
-Advertise. Sites like these could drive traffic to the brand’s main website itself. With higher traffic, it might just mean higher online sales!
-With frequent updates, fans or followers might just talk more about the brand on their own sites and that would result in spreading knowledge of the brand and the web continues and results in sending more traffic in.
-Feedback on ideas from followers.
-Gives the brand a friendly, approachable image. Fashion brands, especially high fashion brands are usually perceived to be elitist clothing lines, with social media, these luxury brands could manipulate it and promote themselves as a friendly and approachable brand.

What’s been mentioned above arent just meant for fashion brands, any other product line could make use of social media to carry out and achieve the following.

Here is an article i came across on why luxury brands should embrace social media:

I stand by the points and reasons stated in the article that advises luxury brands to embrace social media. With social media, luxury brands get to communicate with their following with their own voice other than through traditional media via magazine pages etc and their usual fashion shows.

even the ever popular fashion magazine Vogue is turning to the web!


A few weeks ago, Stephie from Fashionnation appeared as guest lecturer for NCT lecture to talk about herself and how blogging has helped her in various ways.

Here are some facts about stephie.
-Once was a office job worker
-has a thing for fashion, thus started a blog
-over time the blog got popular and juggling got difficult for her
-she quit to focus on blogging
-now a successful blog with great traffic and a great following
-gets to do what she loves (shopping and talking about fashion)
-make money of course
-have her own blogshop that sells stuff she comes across

Other than stephie, she is not the only one that’s able to make a living out of just a blog. The infamous/famous xiaxue too. Apparently, with so much of a following on her blog, advertisers are seeking to advertise on her blog. Some people might doubt the effectiveness of advertising on a blog or any website as a matter of fact but advertising on Xiaxue’s blog worked and it managed to bring in traffic to the company’s website. Plus, advertising on her site equals money to her. getting her to write good things about a product/place/whatever also equals money to her. Money, money, money.

Now lets step out of the local scene and into the international fashion blogosphere.
Here’s an article to begin with:

By just blogging fashion, posting fashion and these bloggers get front row seats to how end fashion shows with laptops right smack infront to jot down what to blog whilst the fashion show! The front rows used to be for VIPs and famous people and now, bloggers have risen to the ranks when it comes to fashion. I’m jealous and envious.

Here’s a blog that was started by a teenage girl who is currently only 13 years old.
She’s only 13 and there she is, looking at the Miumiu runway.
I am officially jealous.
I wish i could have the drive and passion to start a fashion blog.
I love fashion but not enough to depend, live and breathe fashion.
besides, im not rich enough to purchase and to help me rise up to the ranks of those fashion bloggers.

Overall, the lesson is that blogs, other than just writing about your personal life and all, you could also use it to brand yourself, promote yourself. Also, you could also blog about certain stuff like fashion, or maybe food like Julie Powell! Do it well and do it passionately and you could gain yourself a following and who knows? You might be in fashion show front row seats or might stand a chance to publish a book?

Anyway, here’s an article on blogs and self promotion.

and here’s one on how to make use of blog networks!

done with entry no. 3!

Checking dictionaries online, to augment something is to;

v. aug·ment·ed, aug·ment·ing, aug·ments To make (something already developed or well under way) greater, as in size, extent, or quantity:

That goes the same for augmented reality.
In augmented reality, the live and or indirect viewing of a physical object or environment is merged with the latest technological advancement, virtual computer generated imagery also known as advanced augmented reality technology.

Here’s a video that was shared in class

& here’s another one on youtube that i came across;

This augmented reality technology is currently available on certain mobile phones, in specific, android phones.

With an advancement like this, life would be so much more convenient in a way that if you’re ever looking for a new place and are wondering about the prices, just whip out your phone, snap a picture or let your phone scan and voila, prices pop out on screens!

The convenience comes even for lifestyle activities too. Like food review ratings, whats going on around at certain place etc etc. With the help of technology, GPS and satellites, places are all recognized and scanned almost instantly. How helpful is that?

Despite the convenience, I think its rather scary and rather invasive of privacy and I doubt I’m alone with this thought/opinion. I mean, if technology could now read and determine the price of your place just by screening your phone in that particular direction and could even determine events going on, someday, a phone with a technology that could just look through walls could just happen. Not to mention clothes. What will people do with privacy then when everything’s almost transparent with the help of technology?

Further addition to the videos that are shown above, Ms Kwa showed us a video that features this female speaker introducing a new augmented reality product. I must say I was awed from start to end with the technological advancements that phone has. Snapping a picture with shapes? Reading data off a physical person with details splattered all over him/her? Very fascinating, very admirable, the works of those people. But once again, think about the privacy issue. With the internet, people and personal details are invaded and are almost transparent enough. With internet and augmented reality? I wish i could say i could only imagine but I cant, because it is already happening.

All i can say is that us humans back then,
codes now.

In a matter of time we could be teleported!
think about it.

A little than but better late than never.

To start it off, to be able to return to school since 2 months for this last semester is a little bipolar for myself. On one hand I can’t wait to leave polytechnic, on the other, I can’t bear the thought of leaving. As contrasting as it is, I’m still glad to be back in school and the first for this last semester and only lesson for the day is NCT and our lecturer, also the lecturer for all other NCT classes is Miss Kwa~

Here’s one different thing about NCT classes, we are encouraged to tweet and to use any social media sites like facebook and twitter, be it via phone or laptop. Usually, us students would be asked or instructed to slam our laptop screens shut during lessons, but this is different.

So the summary goes. First and foremost, we are taught about social media. Not that I do not get what social media means, but according to Wikipedia, Social media are “media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. Social media supports the human need for social interaction, using Internet- and web-based technologies to transform broadcast media monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many). It supports the democratization of knowledge and information, transforming people from content consumers into content producers.” All is true by the way and according to what I have learned in class last week, more and more companies are looking to hire people with knowledge of knowing how to use and manipulate social media as social media tools are now being used to market and promote. Especially the fast expanding and widely used social media tools such as facebook and twitter. Both of which, ever since last week, I could not stop logging and checking up on.

Everyone in DMC’s required to signup and use twitter, thus since the first day of class, the number of followers on the indicator at the right column of my twitter page rose a whopping 20 people and gradually up to 116 people now. I was stagnant at 50 for awhile. The rising amount of users coming from DMC and my cohort due to the mandatory requirement to have and to use twitter was rather amusing I must say.

Here are two articles that I chanced upon while looking up on articles regarding twitter and social media.
And here is a quote from articles number 1 that I fully stand by –
“Nuria Garrido agrees: “Your customers expect a long-term relationship and not a short interaction, so social media is a long-term commitment. Within British Airways a lot of people understand that digital is important. At British Airways we are not scared to test – and the recession had something to do with this. Social media is relevant, because it is about building a relationship with your customer. If you communicate with them and they feel good about the brand and are taken seriously, they choose British Airways for flying.”
I think there is no need for me to explain as the quote is pretty much straightforward.
& well, in my own words. I am all for social media. I don’t think I can resist the temptation to use facebook, twitter or any other similar sites. I am dead addicted to social media. However, social media ought to be used carefully as one ought to be careful what is being shared to the public as you never know who would chance upon them and what you put up could go back and bite you.

Other than twitter. This is what we, DMC y3 students would have to do – create a wordpress account and site. The interface, I must say, is rather confusing although I’m sure I’d get the hang of it and as for now, I’m still new and still very much accustomed to livejournal and blogspot.

Mental and not so mental checklist. Social media, check, twitter, check, wordpress check. The last on this list would be none other than the Minority Report blogpost or commentary on the technologies featured in the movie!
I shall start with Tom Cruise. He was so hot back then. Ok, Tom Cruise topic over.
If 2054 is going to be THAT advanced, it would be creepy.

Here is a few I recall and would describe :
Stalker robot spiders : One word. Freaky. Little creeping intelligent robot spiders that could track one down easily and then attacking them to render them easy arrest. Freaky.
Eye tracing : You are being traced down everywhere and whatever you do will get recorded and traced back to you with eye tracing. Freaky and does not allow privacy and thus not one bit of anonymity.
Moving and singing Cereal advertisement : Cereal boxes with animation like a mini screen television. Very cool but would be very annoying should it happen.
Hologram : A three dimensional image made of light that almost makes the image seem real and ghostly.
The touch non screen holographic ish computers : Other than the hologram, coolest technological advance if it ever happens. A computer screen of almost just floating lights and images like the hologram. What a save of space!

The ones I would definitely approve would be the hologram and the computers. Other than that, no more. I would love to have cereal in peace during breakfast.

It is 1.15.
I’m heading to bed.
Until the next post.


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